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ADR Series Part 5 – ADR in studio71

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January's ADR Month

January’s ADR Month

Trial skills will enhance your ADR skill-set. During the month of January we have focused on bridging the gap of disconnect between the two practices, and we have shown how developing great trial skills can make you better in mediation, arbitration, and negotiation.

For the final post in our Alternative Dispute Resolution series, Karen M. Lockwood, NITA’s Executive Director joined me in studio71 to answer a few final questions on the correlation between the ADR skill-set and the Trial skill-set. Karen  has over 30 years of experience in the legal industry. Her specialties include construction litigation, commercial disputes, large disaster cases, antitrust, trademark and copyright, and ADR. She has been on the American Arbitration Association Commercial Panel since 2004. Karen was an Adjunct Associate Professor of Law in ADR at the American University of Washington College of Law as well as a faculty member and program director at multiple NITA trail skills programs.



We hope that this five-part series has helped you bridge the gap between trial skills and ADR, and that you have learned that trial-skills are in fact very important in the practice of ADR. We also hope that this series has helped you be less afraid of trial.

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Thank you for reading and weighing in on ADR this month. Next month we will be focusing on Diversity in the Courtroom in honor of National Black History Month.

Online Deposition Program in the News Again

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NITA studio71

NITA studio71

NITA’s award-winning Online Deposition Program is now the feature of a case study produced by Sonic Foundry.  NITA’s incorporation of Mediasite, Sonic Foundry’s lecture capture and webcasting platform, allows for a teaching method called ‘flipped learning’ where participants can watch a pre-determined series of lectures and demonstrations before a program begins.  This better prepares attendees for the program and maximizes the amount of performance time (NITA’s learning-by-doing method) once the program beings.  In addition to being the subject of a case study, NITA’s studio71 was also featured in an article in recent issue of AV Technology Magazine.  To download the full digital version of the issue NITA is featured in click here.

Sample studio71 Presentation

Sample studio71 Presentation


Upcoming Online Deposition Skills Programs


Upcoming Webcasts


Take a look inside NITA’s studio71.


For more information regarding studio71 and what it has to offer please feel free to contact customerservice@nita.org.

Reflection: A Thank You to NITA Faculty

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2012 began NITA’s journey towards its next 40 years.  The continued theme this year was innovation throughout our learn-by-doing programs, publications, and studio71.  The end of 2012 has brought some exciting transitions to the NITA community.  We say farewell and thank you to our beloved Executive Director, John Baker, and are excited to welcome Karen Lockwood as our new leader.  She brings a new level of excitement and eagerness to NITA.

This year in Programs NITA ran 22 public service programs, 121 custom programs and 60 public programs.  Technology and innovative advancements continue to reign through our in-person programming with adding in video lectures to be viewed prior to the programs, advanced drills technique, improved online program platform and training in new skills.  Spanning the three sectors of programs and the dedication of our faculty, NITA has trained nearly 5,000 attorneys during this calendar year.  You should all be proud of this number.

The NITA Foundation continues to sponsor a number of legal service attorneys and need-based attorneys to attend our public programs.  The Foundation awarded 71 public service enrollment spots and 88 need-based scholarships.  Thank you for everyone’s generous donations that make this possible.

The Publications team has published nearly 20 books.  Of those books, six were new case file titles and four were new or updated additions to the Malone’s Little Books series.  Since October, NITA has released 20 e-books, which are now available on Amazon and iTunes. We are also working on an enhanced e-book of The Effective Deposition which will include video, and should be released in January. Over the next year we plan to convert the rest of NITA’s backlist titles, as well as new titles as they are published, to the e-book format.

In its first full year studio71 really took off.  We were able to hold, and fill, six online deposition programs and we have nine on the calendar for 2013.  These programs truly are one-of-a-kind, as was shown when they were named the winner of the ACLEA’s Best Award for Programming in 2012.  This fall marked NITA’s first live webcast which will kick start us going into 2013, when we will have at least one live, online event each month.  In addition to the online learning-by-doing programs, live webcasts, and growing on-demand content library, studio71 also houses the content library for program directors to review and select content to be used in their programs.  Thanks to everyone who has lent their expertise to this growing content library.  We would not be able to make these innovative leaps without your contributions.

We cannot thank you enough for all you do for our organization.   Your volunteer teaching efforts make a large impact on our mission to reach the legal community all across the world.

Thank you!

To view the video click here!

Trial Lessons from Cicero to Today

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Speaking to a crowd at NITA’s 40th Anniversary Gala James J. Brosnahan discusses the art of jury selection and how it’s changed, and remained the same, From Cicero to 2011. His helpful insights touch on both the mental and physical aspects of selecting (or-deselecting) a jury.

Hear ways to control your voice and body and key characteristics to focus on when you are amongst potential jurors. Paying close attention and listening is of utmost importance but it must begin well before you ask your first question.

The list of rhetorical devices described in this lecture could be a stand alone, 90 minute presentation and the 10 pointers to end the lecture are worth knowing and applying no matter how long you’ve been in practice.

To view the video click here!