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NITA Publication: Federal Rules of Evidence with Objections, 12th Edition

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By Anthony J. Bocchino & David A. Sonenshein

FRE-with-Objections-12th-coFederal Rules of Evidence with Objections, Twelfth Edition contains the complete text of the Federal Rules of Evidence as amended to December 1, 2014. This useful guide is organized for quick reference, with an alphabetical section of major objections, and includes practical tips and legal interpretations for each rule. The small-format packaging is designed so you can easily tuck the book into a pocket or briefcase. The spiral binding allows you to place the book flat on a desk or table, so you can quickly reference pages without damaging the spine.

In addition, the book lists key phrases for objections with thumb tabs for quick reference, and includes a mini-CD with the entire book in PDF format hyper-linked and bookmarked for ease of use.

Retail Price: $45

Order Now in: ePub (iPad, Kobo, Nook, Sony), Mobi (Kindle) or Print

NITA Case File: Yount v. Molitor

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yountVmoliterBy Paul Zwier & William Hunt

For Fred Yount, being Hal Molitor’s protege, was getting caught in a downpour of pennies from heaven. By working hard at Hal’s business ventures, this trusted young lieutenant, partner, and friend became like the son Hal had never had, and for their part, Fred and his wife enjoyed the perks of work and play with Hal. But when Hal’s “investment” operation drew scrutiny from the SEC, the economy turned bearish, and Hal refused to reimburse Fred’s business travel expenses, Fred wisely tried to take the money and run-only there was no money. Hal invalidated Fred’s severance agreement, and Fred was broke despite almost two decades of loyal service. Penniless and feeling swindled out of what was promised to him, Fred sued for breach of contract, ultimately advancing the question of how to value restricted, lightly traded penny stocks in his now-disputed severance agreement.

Yount v. Molitor tests the student’s advocacy and non-medical expert witness examination skills through this full trial, which includes two fact witnesses per side, expert witnesses in stock valuation, and electronic evidence in the form of email, texts, and Facebook posts on online “microsites.” In this novel case of finance and flirtation, students will discover that there’s nothing like fifteen years of easy money, boozy dinners, and skinny-dipping by moonlight to complicate a lawsuit.

Faculty Materials: $35Order Now: at lexisnexis.com
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ADR Series: Arbitration Advocacy, 2nd Edition

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Arbitration Advocacy 2nd Ed - Cover2

Arbitration Advocacy 2nd Ed

If you are looking for one book to guide you through the arbitration process, look  no further than the NITA classic Arbitration Advocacy, 2nd Edition.

Authors John W. Cooley and Steven Lubet have combined their experiences in the courtroom and classroom to bring you a detailed and in-depth guide to arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution. This comprehensive text is designed to help readers understand and master arbitration and ADR from beginning to end. Arbitration Advocacy has been written for ADR practitioners, ADR neutrals and arbitrators, CLE organizations and participants, and teachers and students.

The book takes readers through the entire arbitration process, with chapters on general description of ADR and arbitration, pre-arbitration considerations, advocacy during arbitration hearings, and effective advocacy in cyberarbitration. Chapter 5 includes adapted sections of the NITA bestseller Modern Trial Advocacy, which discuss trial advocacy principles that pertain to arbitration hearings.

In-text charts supplement the material as the reader works through the book, helping to break down the content. The 200+ page appendix includes:

  • Checklists that detail key elements of chapters 2-6
  • American Arbitration Advocacy rules
  • Uniform and Federal Arbitration Acts
  • JAMS Rules and Procedures
  • Selected ABA Rules of Professional Conduct
  • and much more!


To order your copy of Arbitration Advocacy, go to lexisnexis.com. You can review more of NITA’s ADR books here.

The Effective Deposition Enhanced Edition Merges Reading and Watching

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NITA is excited to announce the release of The Effective Deposition Enhanced Edition. This enhanced e-book incorporates two hours of video content throughout the text and includes demonstration vignettes and commentary from the authors, David Malone and Peter Hoffman.



The first of its kind, The Effective Deposition Enhanced Edition takes an innovative step towards the future of publications and education. The videos add valuable content to the already valuable text and the-read-then-watch method enriches the reader’s learning experience.

For example, read the section on Background Information and then watch the vignette.



Vignette topics include: Beginning the Deposition, Stipulations, Information Gathering, Obtaining Admissions, Rapport Building, Mechanics of the Deposition, Objections and Instructions Not to Answer, Attorney Client Privilege, Using the Deposition and much more.

IMG_0006 IMG_0007

This post was written by Michelle Windsor, NITA editor.

The Effective Deposition Enhanced Edition is available on iTunes.

Recently Published Case Files

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Over the last few months NITA has published several new case files that we wanted to tell you about. Each file comes with a CD containing additional content, and are all available for purchase through LexisNexis. These files are an excellent addition to any law library or classroom.

Addison v. Peyton  By Elizabeth I. Boals

Addison v. Peyton is a civil case version of State v. Peyton. This negligence case includes two witness for both the Plaintiff and the Defense, as well as optional expert testimony. The file also includes previous recorded testimony, medical expert testimony, and bias impeachment.

More Information at LexisNexis

State v. Bloodworth  By Sharon Cammisa and Joseph E. Taylor

State v. Bloodworth is a new criminal case file examining the death of Kenneth Fletcher. The Defendant, Gene Bloodworth, has been charged with murder. There are four witnesses for each side of the case, including forensic pathologist experts.

More Information at LexisNexis

Love v. Regency  By Edward Stein, JD and Jonathan Rest, MD

Love v. Regency is another brand-new file. This infringement case is based on the use of similar slogans in a competing market. The Plaintiff claims the Defendant violated their common-law trademark. The case file includes two witnesses for each side, including liability expert and damages expert witnesses. The CD includes impeachment slides and problems, as well as video clips of depositions.

More Information at LexisNexis

Potter v. Shrackle  By Kenneth S. Broun and Frank D. Rothschild

The 6th Edition of this popular case file is now available, with updates to reflect the issues that are relevant today. Katherine Potter was struck and killed by Charles Shrackle while he was driving a company vehicle. Potter’s Estate has files a wrongful death action against Shrackle and his company. This file includes six witnesses for the Plaintiff and four witnesses for the Defendant. (Revision based on original file by Kenneth S. Broun and James H. Seckinger.)

More Information at LexisNexis