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How Your Donation Helps!

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Meet Brent Plater – 2012 Scholarship Recipient

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, the NITA Foundation is able to provide scholarships to NITA programs. Read below from Brent Plater on how this gift impacted him personally.

“Thank you so much NITA Foundation! I am honored and truly grateful for this award to attend the June 2012 Building Trial Skills NITA training. And I promise to put the training to use advocating for disadvantaged communities and the plants and animals that accompany us in Earth! Hopefully we’ll make you proud!”

– Brent Plater, Executive Director
Wild Equity Institute – San Francisco, CA

International Academy of Trial Lawyers Show Support

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Donation of $10,000 to the NITA Foundation

The International Academy of Trial Lawyers (IATL) made a generous gift to the NITA Foundation in June of $10,000. The contribution to the Annual Fund will be used to bolster scholarships and public service programs.

The Academy is a group of truly elite lawyers representing both sides of the Bar: prosecutors and defense lawyers in criminal cases and plaintiff’s and defense counsel in civil litigation (including business and personal injury cases). While the majority of the Fellows come from the U.S., the Academy includes lawyers from more than 30 countries. Fellowship is by invitation only, and trial lawyers are invited to become Fellows only after an extremely careful vetting process. For more information about IATL please visit www.iatl.net.

State Bar of New Mexico Supports Public Service Slots for Public Programs

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The NITA Foundation would like to thank the State Bar of New Mexico for its recent $600 donation and its ongoing support of the Public Service Slots for Public Programs.

“The State Bar works closely with the University of New Mexico Law School and the Board of Bar Commissioners and felt that the expenditure was for a worthwhile and important program,” said Joe Conte, Executive Director, State Bar of New Mexico.

The State Bar is a professional membership organization comprised of attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of New Mexico. Established in 1886, the State Bar currently has over 8,871 members. The State Bar of New Mexico was incorporated under the laws of the State of New Mexico in 1978. Prior to that, the State Bar operated as an agency of the Supreme Court of the State of New Mexico, established by State Statute on March 17, 1925. For more information please visit www.nmbar.org.

Public Service Slots for Public Programs

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Your Donation Will Help Raise the Final $46,200!

Thanks to donor support, the new Public Service Slots for NITA Public Programs has raised $25,500 in donations but our 2012 goal is $71,700! The scholarship requests are still flooding in!

The new 2012 pilot, Public Service Slots for NITA Public Programs, fully funds program attendance (minus a $200 registration fee). The scholarships are only awarded to public service attorneys in the same region as the public program, and provides four public service slots per trial program and two public service slots per deposition program.

In January, NITA hosted its annual Program Directors meeting and discussed the need for public service attorney slots in NITA public programs. With donor help, NITA is now offering up to four “public service/government” attorney spaces in our public basic trial programs, which will allow these public services lawyers representing the impoverished to train alongside attorneys from private law firms. Since NITA runs almost 15 regional trial programs and 30 deposition programs in geographically diverse cities all over the United States, these spaces will be in high demand and offered to local public service attorneys to attend NITA programs without the need to incur substantial travel costs.

The NEW Public Service Attorney Slots for Public Programs:
* FULLY funds program attendance (minus a $200 registration fee)
* ONLY awarded to attorneys in the same region as the public program
* PROVIDES four designated public service spaces per trial program and two public service spaces per deposition program

These scholarships are distinct from the NITA Foundation’s standard General Scholarship Fund which awards both partial and full scholarships for attending NITA sponsored or co-sponsored public service programs OR public programs; requires applicants to be 100% need-based; and is globally awarded (not limited to a specific region).

In 2011, NITA absorbed the cost of these public service slots accounting for $60,640 of discounts and sponsored 31 attendees. Moving forward, we desperately need funding for these slots to cover the incremental cost of each attendee — $600 for a NITA Trial program or $350 for a NITA Deposition program. The total needed for all the 2012 Public Service Slots is $71,700. Individuals or firms can fund just one public service attorney slot or make a regional gift for multiple attorneys by calling the NITA Foundation at (303) 953-6845.

International Society of Barristers

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Craig Spangenberg Memorial Scholarships Named

Please join the NITA Foundation in applauding the valuable partnership with the International Society of Barristers (ISOB) to support attorneys working with underserved clients. In 2011, $14,055 was awarded to the advocates of justice listed below who received the prestigious Craig Spangenberg Memorial Scholarship which was made possible through the ISOB’s generosity in granting $75,000 over five years (2009 – 2014) to the NITA Foundation. Scholarship award selection was based on the ISOB criteria of ideally selecting individuals from small firms and single practitioners with a focus on trial programs.

The NITA Foundation and the ISOB share a common purpose: helping young lawyers enhance their advocacy skills, thereby improving the justice system and its components. These dedicated attorneys work in the public interest and are often underfunded and outspent by their opponents, which is why a scholarship to attend a NITA program is so important. All of the scholarship recipients in 2011 either were solo practitioners or work for a small firm as they strive to represent the legal rights of those who are underserved in our community.

About ISOB
Established in 1965, the ISOB is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the University of Michigan Law School, and is an honor society of outstanding trial lawyers chosen by their peers on the basis of excellence and integrity in advocacy. The distinguished Society seeks to preserve trial by jury, the adversary system, and independence of the judiciary. With a limited membership, the Society has Fellows from every state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, and from Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, and Mexico, with the great majority from the United States. Nationally known as a premier trial lawyer, Craig Spangenberg was a founder of ISOB and also served as the first president of the organization. For more information on ISOB please visit, www.isob.com.

Larry Archie
Law Office of Larry L. Archie
Greensboro, NC
Attended: Building Trial Skills – Southeast
(5/14 to 5/20, 2011)

Raquel Brown
Law Offices of RD Brown
Desoto, TX
Attended: Deposition Skills: Southern
(6/16 to 6/18, 2011)

Angela Eastman
Eastman Law & Dispute Resolution
South Burlington, VT
Attended: Building Trial Skills: Northwest
(8/13 to 8/18, 2011)

Jessica Major
Law Office of Jessica Major
Cary, NC
Attended: Building Trial Skills – Southeast
(5/14 to 5/20, 2011)

Cedric Mims
Mims Law Firm PLLC
Cedar Hills, TX
Attended: Building Trial Skills: Southern
(6/4 to 6/09, 2011)

Greg Nodler
Lone Star Legal Aid
Houston, TX
Attended: Deposition Skills: Houston
(3/17 to 3/19, 2011)

Charles Raether
AMLaw Group
Fairfax, VA
Attended: Building Trial Skills – DC
(6/6 to 6/12, 2011)

Patricia Smith
Patricia A. Smith
Chicago, IL
Attended: Deposition Skills: Midwest
(6/22 – 6/24, 2011)

Mark Thuesen
Law Offices of Mark Scott Thuesen
Oakland, CA
Attended: Building Trial Skills: Pacific
(10/21 to 10/28, 2011)