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Asked and Answered: Judge Robert McGahey

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written by NITA’s Legal Editor Marsi Buckmelter We all know and love Denver District Court Judge Bob McGahey from his years of lively instruction at NITA programs (eighty-eight so far, with no sign of slowing down) and the legal movie reviews he writes for us here on The Legal Advocate. When we decided to kick […]

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Hearsay, Part Four: Some 804 Exceptions

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NITA’s blog theme this September is Hearsay? Say What? Recognize It; Use the Rule at Trial. At NITA programs, we train you to the daily thrill of advocating at trial. We ask you to perform constantly, using the rules of evidence. What about the evidence rules themselves? This month, we discuss one set of evidence rules that cannot […]

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A Trial Experience from One Juror’s Perspective

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NITA’s blog editor, Kathy Behler, was recently summoned to jury duty for United States District Court. She sat down with NITA’s Program Development and Resource Director Mark Caldwell in studio71 to discuss her experience, as it is a perspective we don’t often get to see.

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September 2014 Executive Director’s Letter: Speaking of Bias in the Courtroom . . .

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Implicit bias – the silent judgment-maker that we are not aware of in a jury, our courtroom, our witnesses, our judge, our selves. On August 19, 2014, I presented a free NITA Webinar on how important it is for a trial lawyer to understand implicit bias. And to learn to recognize where it might lurk. […]

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NITA Movie Review: “A Scourge That Is Always With Us”

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Written by guest blogger Judge McGahey Ray Rice.  Adrian Peterson. The issues of domestic violence and child abuse are at the forefront of the news once again, jumping into our consciousness because of high-profile cases involving NFL players. But violence like this is hardly a new phenomenon.  For this month’s film I’ve chosen a film from […]

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