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Witness Control, Part Two: Witness Control and Cross-Examination

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NITA Faculty James Gailey talks about Witness Control and Cross-Examination.

Movie Review: Like A Knotted-Up Hose, or A Plate of Spaghetti, or . . . .

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Written by guest blogger Judge McGahey Have you ever tried to unkink a hose that’s been lying around in the yard all winter? Or tried to get through a big plate of spaghetti when the noodles are all twisted together?  Or sorted through a huge box of family photographs that have been sitting in a basement […]

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Witness Control, Part One: Controlling Explanations

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written by NITA faculty member Christina Habas Often, difficult witnesses are not being intentionally difficult. Instead, they are manifesting their discomfort with a lawyer’s question in a manner that makes them appear as though they are not under control. In those instances, a lawyer may re-establish control by listening carefully to the so-called uncontrolled response, […]

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Cross-Examination Part Five: Excerpt From NITA’s Webcast “Fundamentals of Cross-Examination”

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Creating effective cross-examinations does not have to be hard. The “4 Corners” approach to cross-examination will provide the practitioner with the necessary structure and tools to create effective and impactful cross-examinations.   In this webcast excerpt, NITA faculty and author JC Lore covers the persuasive question form and organization that most effectively and efficiently gathers information […]

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Cross-Examination Part Four: Blind Cross-Examination

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written by guest blogger, NITA’s Public Program Development & Resource Director Mark Caldwell, JD We are approaching the twenty-sixth anniversary of the passing of Irving Younger, one of the truly great teachers of trial skills. Younger was at times a practicing lawyer, a sitting trial judge, and a law professor. His lectures were famously entertaining and […]

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