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Modern Trial Advocacy: Law School Edition, Fourth Edition

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mta-lawschool-4thIn Steven Lubet and J.C. Lore’s fourth edition of Modern Trial Advocacy: Law School Edition, the authors present a realistic and contemporary approach to learning and developing trial advocacy skills. In representing the law student, the book contains a chapter on “Trial Basics” which discusses what happens in a trial and the role the advocate plays. The Law School Edition also has a checklist which guides students in their performance.

With a brand new chapter on using electronic visuals in the courtroom as well as new enhanced video content, top NITA faculty demonstrate the core techniques discussed in the book so you can observe and learn these skills in a new way.

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Arizona Center for Law and Society: Opening Fall 2016

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This fall, Arizona will open their new law school, Arizona Center for Law and Society, just steps away from the legal, political, and economic heart of Arizona. NITA will be holding our Deposition Skills: Arizona program here in November. We are very excited to see what this new law school has to offer. To read more on Arizona Center for Law and Society, click here.

Effective Deposition Defense Rules, Third Edition

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Eff Depo Def Rules, 3d, coverAuthors David M. Malone and Ryan Malone address common questions and problems associated with the defense of depositions in this third edition of Effective Deposition Defense Rules. This rules book is intended to provide a quick and ready practical reference to issues and answers for busy trial lawyers. It presents accessible, practical, and common-sense ways to deal with situations that arise as attorneys and witnesses work their way through the pretrial deposition process. This new edition also includes updated material on the specific issues presented by video-recorded depositions.

Retail Price: $39

Order Here: Print, epub, or mobi

Breaking: Federal Court Overturns Dassey Conviction

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The Associated Press is reporting this afternoon that a federal court in Wisconsin has overturned the conviction of Brendan Dassey, the young man accused of helping his uncle, Steven Avery, murder a woman over ten years ago. Avery was the subject of Making a Murderer, a high-profile Netflix documentary series released in late 2015.

Earlier this year, The Legal Advocate spoke with two members of Dassey’s legal team—NITA Trustee Tom Geraghty and the Bluhm Legal Clinic’s Steve Drizin—whom we congratulate for this remarkable victory.

DRILLS: A Witness Examination Boot Camp

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NITA’s newest program, DRILLS: A Witness Examination Boot Camp, is right around the corner and we are excited to add such a unique and fast-paced program to our lineup this year. Thank you to Marsha Hunter, who teaches our Articulate Advocate program, for posting about DRILLS on her blog. To read Marsha’s article, please click here. We appreciate the support and encouragement and look forward to the start of the program.

NITA’s team of practicing lawyers, professors and judges from around the nation dedicates its efforts to the training and development of skilled and ethical legal advocates to improve the adversarial justice system. NITA's Goals are to:
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  • Train and mentor lawyers to be competent and ethical advocates in pursuit of justice.
  • Develop and teach trial advocacy skills to support and promote the effective and fair administration of justice.
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