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Deposition Rules, 6th Edition

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DepositionRules6thWritten by David Malone, trial attorney, author, consultant, and teacher, Deposition Rules 6th Edition is the essential deposition handbook for busy practitioners who want to learn better advocacy skills. This handbook is convenient with on-the-go references so anyone can search what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Malone has worked with NITA since 1979 and knows our values when it comes to teaching advocacy skills. He acknowledges that practitioners lead busy lives and with this 6th Edition, Malone answers the most frequently asked questions about depositions. This edition also incorporates all amendments current to December 2014 to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as well as the Federal Rules of Evidence.

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Cranbrooke V. Intellex, 3rd Edition

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cranbrooke-v-intellex-casefReaders of Cranbrooke V. Intellex 3rd Edition will discover what happens as an international contractual dispute arises. Intellex, a U.S. manufacturer of video games, licenses another company to distribute its newly developed line of video-game products in possible violation of its contact with Cranbrooke, a British manufacturer and distributor of leisure products that had the exclusive right to distribute Intellex products.

Authors John T. Baker, Robert P. Burns, Steven Lubet, Terre Rushton, and James H. Seckinger all have years of experience in law whether they are teachers, directors, and/or authors, each bring their own background and knowledge to this text in order to engage readers in various ways.

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Modern Trial Advocacy: Analysis and Practice, 5th Edition

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MTA-5thBy Steven Lubet

Author Steven Lubet’s latest edition Modern Trial Advocacy: Analysis and Practice, 5th Edition, helps beginners learn better advocacy skills with a thorough approach beginning with a case theory all the way through the steps of a trial. Modern Trial Advocacy: Analysis and Practice has been NITA’s best-selling text since 1993 and sets the standards high for other publications teaching advocacy skills. Many law schools have relied on this text for teaching purposes and the 5th Edition is sure to impress. Lubet explains how to present each case as a story and what you need to do in order to persuade the jury.

The 5th Edition provides a new chapter on electronic visuals and technology in the courtroom as well as new video-enhanced content where NITA faculty demonstrate techniques portrayed in the text to help readers visualize in a whole new way.

Retail Price: $85

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NITA Case File: Dixon v. Providential Life Insurance Company, 6th Edition

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By Frank D. Rothschild and Edward R. Stein

Judge John Dixon’s dead body was found on the floor of his home office with a gunshot wound to the head, his favorite shotgun by his side. His wife, the plaintiff, demands that Providential Life Insurance Company pay on the $1 million life insurance policy taken out by Judge Dixon shortly before his death, but Providential refuses, citing the suicide provision of the policy. The medical examiner, Dixon’s personal physician, determined the death was accidental, but Providential claims the medical examiner’s conclusion was tainted by his friendship with the judge and a hasty investigation, and that Dixon’s death was, in fact, a suicide. But what would cause a seemingly happy, well-respected judge to kill himself? Was Judge Dixon the churchgoing social conservative that his public persona suggested? Did his shotgun accidentally discharge while he, an experienced hunter and gun owner, was cleaning it in a darkened room – or was he troubled by a secret that was about to be exposed and made suicide seem like his only way out?

The student’s skills will be tested with this well-balanced file bringing in equal number of verdicts for both the plaintiff and the defense. There are four witnesses for the plaintiff and four for the defendant, including experts on both sides. Dixon v. Providential Life Insurance Company has a courtroom technology focus and includes electronic evidence in the form of photographs, diagrams, documents, emails, text messages, and a Facebook post on an interactive “microsite.” It includes a CD with a PowerPoint show of all exhibits, treatment of many of the exhibits, jury instructions, verdict form, and special impeachment slides that include video clips and scrolling transcripts. The Sixth Edition is based on the original case file by James H. Seckinger, as updated and upgraded by Edward R. Stein and Frank D. Rothschild.

Law professors may request the teaching notes for this publication by emailing

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NITA Publication: Trial Advocacy in Action

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By Brent Newton

tiralAdvInActionWhat do you get when you cross a hypothetical, fact-intensive mock trial case file with nearly two dozen leading U.S. Supreme Court decisions in the field of criminal procedure? You get Trial Advocacy in Action: 20 Exercises to Sharpen Your Criminal Case Skills, by Brent E. Newton, a unique hybrid text that merges a realistic complex federal prosecution with real high-court decisions.

Defendant Reginald McKay, a mentally disturbed American who became a “home-grown” Islamic terrorist, poisoned members of a Jewish temple during Passover seder. After one of the poisoned congregants died, the Feds got a lucky break thanks to an eyewitness and modern computer forensics and quickly built a death penalty case against McKay. Newton’s case file, United States v. McKay, is built around the tragic story of McKay and his victims and includes twenty advocacy exercises from all major stages of a criminal case.

Retail Price: $45

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NITA’s team of practicing lawyers, professors and judges from around the nation dedicates its efforts to the training and development of skilled and ethical legal advocates to improve the adversarial justice system. NITA's Goals are to:
  • Promote justice through effective and ethical advocacy.
  • Train and mentor lawyers to be competent and ethical advocates in pursuit of justice.
  • Develop and teach trial advocacy skills to support and promote the effective and fair administration of justice.
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