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State v. Burns, Sixth Edition

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BurnsCoverIn this sixth edition of State v. Burns, readers will get an in-depth look at a case of a robbery turning into a felony murder charge. But the allegations are not so cut and dry. Authors and Professors Donald H. Beskind and Anthony Bocchino guide readers on a slippery slope as the case unfolds. This edition reads as a robbery which ends in an accidental murder, with the felony murder charge against the getaway driver, John Burns who allegedly planned the robbery. Are all of the participants to blame in the accidental shooting of the grocery store owner’s wife? You can decide.

Furthermore, Beskind and Bocchino’s latest edition offers impeachment, rehabilitation issues, and adverse examination. There are three witnesses for both the State and the defendant. Likewise, a CD with exhibits is included. Law professors can request the teaching notes by emailing

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Facts Still Can’t Speak for Themselves: Reveal the Stories that Give Facts Their Meaning, 2nd Edition

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Facts-Still-Can'tIn this latest edition of Facts Still Can’t Speak for Themselves by Eric Oliver, readers will dive deep into cutting edge research in communication, human judgement, perception and influence that break down the process of turning abstractions into effective persuasive practices. This book offers specific methods for trial professionals to increase their reach into the full range of potential stories decision makers can and will construct during any case. It then teaches you how to refine those stories into a compelling presentation for any legal decision maker to judge. In this latest edition each chapter is now supplemented with some of the most relevant developments in the science of decision making as well as much more experience and skills that Oliver has gained since the first edition in 2005.

Retail Price: $65

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SwimTime Corp. v. Water-Fun, Inc.

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SwimTime coverNITA’s very first case file on patent law, written by Ryan H. Flax, is a civil trial about patent infringement where readers will dive deep into this complex litigation. The case file introduces readers to SwimTime Corp., a company who suddenly notices a longtime competitor, Water-Fun, has a floating lounger that looks eerily similar to its own top-selling floating device for pools. Due to the uncanny similarities and the fact that Water-Fun has known of SwimTime Corp. for a long time, a patent infringement case ensues. This case file demonstrates the importance of basic trial preparation and the demonstration of evidence.

Retail Price: $35

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Deposition Rules, 6th Edition

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DepositionRules6thWritten by David Malone, trial attorney, author, consultant, and teacher, Deposition Rules 6th Edition is the essential deposition handbook for busy practitioners who want to learn better advocacy skills. This handbook is convenient with on-the-go references so anyone can search what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Malone has worked with NITA since 1979 and knows our values when it comes to teaching advocacy skills. He acknowledges that practitioners lead busy lives and with this 6th Edition, Malone answers the most frequently asked questions about depositions. This edition also incorporates all amendments current to December 2014 to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as well as the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Retail Price: $35

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Cranbrooke V. Intellex, 3rd Edition

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cranbrooke-v-intellex-casefReaders of Cranbrooke V. Intellex 3rd Edition will discover what happens as an international contractual dispute arises. Intellex, a U.S. manufacturer of video games, licenses another company to distribute its newly developed line of video-game products in possible violation of its contact with Cranbrooke, a British manufacturer and distributor of leisure products that had the exclusive right to distribute Intellex products.

Authors John T. Baker, Robert P. Burns, Steven Lubet, Terre Rushton, and James H. Seckinger all have years of experience in law whether they are teachers, directors, and/or authors, each bring their own background and knowledge to this text in order to engage readers in various ways.

Retail Price: $35

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