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Fulbright v. Americraft Industries and Parker, Fourth Edition

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Fulbright4thIn NITA’s latest edition of Fulbright v. Americraft Industries and Parker, a high-school football star, John Fulbright, is thrown from his motorcycle and severely injured when it collides with a Cadillac that just pulled out of a parking lot. Most of the witnesses say Fulbright was speeding and not wearing a helmet, but a 14-year-old boy says otherwise. There is evidence that the Cadillac’s driver, Andrew Parker, an Americraft employee, had been drinking. Fulbright claims he became an epileptic as a result of his injuries. There is not a helmet law in the State of Nita. This latest edition contains four witnesses for both the plaintiff and the defendants.

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Advanced Negotiation and Mediation Theory and Practice, 2nd Edition

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AdvNego2dIn the latest edition of Advanced Negotiation and Mediation Theory and Practice, Paul Zwier and Thomas Guernsey present a strategic planning and integrated systematic approach to negotiation. This approach recognizes that both adversarial and problem-solving strategies have distinct advantages which lawyers will combine styles and strategies to achieve the best results for. Including an outlined plan to implement effective negotiation techniques using up-to-date situations, the authors break down the counseling process into stages and show readers what information the client needs to make an informed decision. In the second edition, readers will find updates include: new and expanded template for case evaluation, a new section on creative solutions, a new section on forgiveness, new ideas of integrating negotiation theory in mediation settings, expanded discussion on ethics, examples from products liability cases, and a new discussion of creative peacemaking from international conflicts.

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Strange v. Wrigley, Third Edition

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Strange3dAuthor Andrew P. Rodovich delivers a compelling case file centered around the issue of self-defense. In this personal injury case, the plaintiff, William Strange, drinks at a local bar and then believes he is entering his friend David Cunningham’s home. However, to William’s surprise he walks into the defendant, James Wrigley and his wife Kathy’s home instead. James shoots him twice, claiming self defense. Now, William is suing to recover for his injuries. This case file is a good practice for the beginning student in developing basic trial skills.

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Jury Trials Outside In, First Edition

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Outside In COVERIn this guide, Jury Trials Outside In, First Edition, author Dr. Melissa M. Gomez speaks to the psychology of all people involved in a case and how the psychology affects the manner in which we make decisions and communicate at trial. She explains that each person influences the way a case is presented and received by a jury including attorneys, judges, and witnesses. Furthermore, this guide helps attorneys take a step back to address the big picture of a case and examine with another viewpoint. It serves as a helpful companion to both the novice and the experienced litigator as well as anyone who is intrigued by the psychology behind a jury trial.

State v. Diamond/State v. Doyle

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Diamond6th coverNITA’s State v. Diamond/State v. Doyle contains and interesting juxtaposition as author James H. Seckinger writes the case file with two different outcomes. The main plot focuses on a man and a woman (Mr. Diamond and Ms. Doyle) who are in an enclosed space when suddenly, shots are fired and one person dies at the scene while the other is charged with homicide. As this case is designed to be tried twice, one version depicts Mr. Diamond as the deceased while the other version depicts Ms. Doyle. Both versions contain the exact same facts with only one difference: the gender of the defendant and victim switches. The case file contains four witnesses for the State and two for the Defense as well as exhibits.

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