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Stucky v. Conlee, Parsell, and Nita City

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Author Gary S. Gildin presents readers with a civil rights action for damages case in the latest and timely file, Stucky v. Conlee, Parsell, and Nita City. Plaintiff Clayton Stucky is an African-American who works as a trooper with the Nita State Police. While off duty and driving his personal vehicle, Stucky was pulled over by two City of Nita police officers, who then sought consent to search the car.

Furthermore, officers Conlee and Parsell, both Caucasian, allege that Stucky was driving over fifty miles per hour on a city street zoned for twenty-five miles per hour. Conlee and Parsell issued Stucky a citation for driving at an unsafe speed. Stucky then sues the officers for damages caused by their violation and alleges they pulled him over for “driving while black.”

The file contains three witnesses for each side as well as a racial profiling expert and a medical expert available to both the plaintiff and the defendant, and electronic exhibits.

Retail Price: $38

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The Force of Logic

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Author Stephen M. Rice guides readers to develop powers of legal reasoning in a new way in his latest publication, The Force of Logic. As a lawyer and law professor, Rice understands traditional legal education often overlooks the practical wisdom of ancient philosophy as it teaches students how to “think like a lawyer.”

Rice believes when you know how to recognize logical fallacies, you will not only strengthen your own arguments, but you will also be able to punch holes in your opponent’s. In his book, Rice builds on the theoretical foundation of formal logic by demonstrating logical fallacies through anecdotes, examples, graphical illustrations, and exercises for you to try. This book will inspire readers to love legal argument, and appreciate its beauty and complexity in a whole new way.

Retail Price: $75

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Love v. Regency, Second Edition

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In authors Jonathan Rest and Ed R. Stein’s second edition, Love v. Regency, a trademark infringement case is brought to life. Dr. Stanley Love, a dermatologist, alleges that Regency Plastic Surgery PC has infringed his common-law trademark of “The Love Look” by using a similar phrase, “The Look of Love” as its marketing slogan. Dr. Love is seeking relief and damages.

Furthermore, Regency denies liability, claiming that Dr. Love had no common-law trademark because “The Love Look” is merely descriptive and therefore Dr. Love could acquire no common-law trademark rights in the slogan.

This case file contains four fact witnesses, two liability expert witnesses, and two damages expert witnesses, as well as exhibits.

Retail Price: $38

Available in Epub

State v. Donaldson

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NITA’s case file, State v. Donaldson, by authors Joseph E. Taylor and Michael Sands, illustrates the shocking death of a 6-month-old and begs the question, is someone to blame? In this case, 6-month-old Cara O’Neil died from a mysterious head injury. The State of Nita has charged Stephen Donaldson with murder in the second degree, but he claims he did nothing more than comfort and care for his stepdaughter after she fell out of her crib days before her death. This case included 5 witnesses for the plaintiff and 4 for the defendant as well as video evidence from the scene. Is Stephen Donaldson to blame for his stepdaughter’s untimely death?

Retail Price: $38

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Problems and Materials in Evidence and Trial Advocacy 2-Volume Set

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In this newly updated two-volume set, Robert Burns, Steven Lubet, and Richard Moberly have carefully developed these case files in order to provide for completely integrated courses in evidence and trial advocacy.

Volume One contains two detailed case files, quite similar to the material a trial lawyer may have as he or she approaches trial. The first is a murder case while the second is a civil action for defamation.

Furthermore, Volume Two is designed as the workbook for coordinated courses in evidence and trial advocacy. It contains over 300 problems in evidence law and over 60 exercises in trial advocacy.

Retail Price: $130

Order Here: Print, Epub, or Mobi

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