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Violence Free Colorado – NITA Public Service Program

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Violence Free Colorado is Colorado’s domestic violence coalition, working with hundreds of organizations and individuals in local communities across the state to prevent and end relationship violence and support those affected by relationship abuse. This year, NITA teamed up with Violence Free Colorado for a public service program centered around strengthening Expert Witness skills. The program was led by NITA Program Director Tina Habas, who has taught at over 100 NITA programs over the years, as well as NITA Faculty Siddhartha Rathod.

Over the course of two days, the seven attendees immersed themselves in the NITA method of learning-by-doing. One attendee stated, “The training was excellent and I am so appreciative that you guys keep giving us the opportunity to improve. I know without this training, I would be so ill-equipped to the nuances and strategies we need. Just our knowledge base doesn’t suffice! Thank you so much for continuing to follow through with this!”

Similarly, another attendee stated, “Thank you so much! This was an excellent workshop which allowed us the opportunity to practice being on the stand in a safe environment as well as glean from constructive criticism.”

NITA is thankful for the opportunity to help improve the advocacy skills of the Violence Free Colorado advocates on this public service program.

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