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Mountain West Legal Services – NITA Public Service Program

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“Educational” “Wonderful” “Beneficial” – all words used by attendees to describe the NITA public service program which took place October 2 – 3 with Mountain West Legal Services here at NITA’s headquarters in Boulder, CO. NITA had to opportunity to train 44 attendees, led by Program Director Laurence Rose, along with six NITA faculty members.

Director of Advocacy at Mountain West Legal Services, Maureen “Reenie” Terjak, was instrumental in working with NITA to ensure the program schedule met the needs of the attendees. At the conclusion, Terjak stated, “It was a wonderful experience! The younger attorneys raved about the opportunity to learn from more experienced attorneys, sought out the chance to test their skills and personal style, and were enriched by meeting other legal aid attorneys from programs throughout the region. I can’t thank you enough for all the support we received from NITA; everyone from the program coordinator to the legal team was fantastic – positive, respectful, and patient.”

Likewise, after the two-day program, the attendees were excited at the opportunity to use the newly acquired skills in their practice. “NITA was very beneficial and educational. Accordingly, the training I received at NITA will be used in every case that I approach,” stated one attendee.

Similarly, another attendee stated, “…I appreciated the hands-on learning style with instructors that challenged me to try new tactics and step outside my comfort zone.”

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