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NITA Volunteer Spotlight: September Neil Kodsi

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As part of NITA’s efforts to recognize our vast volunteer community, we have initiated a monthly volunteer faculty spotlight. Recommendations come from our programs department staff, who work closely with our volunteers on our public, public service, and custom programs. NITA is pleased to announce Neil Kodsi as our September Volunteer Faculty Spotlight. Here are just some of the comments our staff used to describe Neils’s work with NITA

He taught at our Americans for Immigrant Justice program at the beginning of August. He was available to be Program Director in a pinch and received amazing praise from the attendees & faculty. It was especially helpful of him because he didn’t have much immigration law experience but was able to work with their faculty to teach an effective program.

When asked about how he was introduced to NITA, why he continues to teach for us and a little background of his teaching career, Neil had this to say:

I am truly honored and humbled by this. I have been a big fan of NITA for more than 20 years. As a young attorney, I was a student in all of the programs – Deposition, Motions practice, trial and Advanced trial, etc.. Then, as I became more seasoned, I volunteered to serve as faculty for programs at Wake Forest and I helped my law firm (Womble Carlyle) conduct in-house training. Then, after moving to Miami in 2005, I started an in-house NITA program at Carlton Fields with Jeff Cohen and I volunteered for the NITA deposition and trial practice programs at NOVA University whenever I could. Since 2005, I have served as a NITA faculty member about 15 times.

I participate in NITA because I feel it is the best litigation training program available for lawyers. At NITA, we give lawyers a chance to get on their feet and perform. There is no better way to learn. I also have enjoyed getting to know the other NITA faculty with whom I have worked and I am honored to think of myself as their peer. I think all good trial lawyers have to be good teachers. That is, in reality, what we do in trial. I come from a family of teachers and I have taught adjunct at Wake Forest School of Law, assisted them with their trial team and coached the R.J. Reynolds High School Mock Trial Team. NITA gave me the tools I needed to do all of this and I enjoy serving as a NITA faculty member where I can help give those tools to the next generation of trial lawyers.

We want to thank Neil for his continued passion and support of NITA’s mission. With 800+ faculty members and over 20,000 hours volunteered each year, we could not do what we do without people like Neil Kodsi.

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