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Legal Services Corporation – NITA Public Service Program

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For many years now, NITA has hosted a public service trial skills program at our headquarters, open to legal aid attorneys. This year, we are excited to be able to host two of these programs here in Boulder, CO. The first program took place August 21 – 24 and was led by NITA Program Director Amy Hanley. This program trained 47 attorneys on a variety of trial skills over the course of four days.

At the conclusion of the program, Amy stated, “I’m extremely proud of the impact we made on the future legal careers of participants who have dedicated themselves to public service. On behalf of a group of gifted faculty members, including new instructors, we’re thankful and proud of the 47 lawyers who arrived at their offices the Monday after the NITA program with more skills, more confidence, and a new network of peers and friends.”

Likewise, many of the attendees had positive feedback about the program as well. “The skills and tools provided were invaluable, as was the feedback from the instructors. Most trial advocacy trainings focus on putting together the notebook; this training dug deeper and let me practice the skills I needed to be more confident,” stated one attendee.

Similarly, another attendee stated, “This course was incredibly challenging and very transformative. The faculty could not have been more accessible and informative. They really went the extra mile to work with each individual and they were so transparent about their work product.”

NITA looks forward to hosting our next legal services program on September 25th!

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