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ABA CILA – NITA Public Service Program

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For the second year in a row, NITA teamed up with ABA’s Children Immigration Law Academy (CILA) for a public service program. This three-day program focused on child advocacy and trained 52 attendees in Houston, TX. NITA Co-Program Directors Michelle Mendez and Tom Swett led the faculty team, teaching skills such as direct/cross examination, opening and closing statements, as well as issues in immigration trials.

According to Tom, “The ABA CILA immigration advocacy for children training provided 52 attorneys with the critical skills needed to represent their clients in asylum hearings…in addition, we discussed issues that often arise in immigration trials including how to use court interpreters properly to ensure the testimony is accurately given, how to deal with objections in a system that does not apply the federal rules of evidence, and how to address issues raised by the court during trial. This was NITA’s eighth immigration trial skills program offered since 2016, I hope there will be many more.”

Likewise, Director of ABA CILA, Dalia Castillo-Granados stated, “The Children’s Immigration Law Academy, a legal resource center in Texas that supports attorneys who represent children in their immigration cases, was grateful to partner with NITA for the second year in a row. The trial advocacy skills taught by the amazing program directors and NITA faculty will ensure that vulnerable children are effectively represented. Given the current climate in immigration law, it is more important than ever that advocates have the right skills when litigating children’s cases.”

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