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Colorado Office of the Attorney General – NITA Public Service Program

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NITA Program Director Tom Swett led a 1-day deposition public service program for the Colorado Office of the Attorney General on June 26th – customizing a schedule to improve the attendees’ advocacy skills in a short amount of time.

According to Swett, “What do commitments, funnels, probing, and theory testing have in common? If you are an experienced civil attorney who takes depositions, these are your tools to have a precise conversation to learn everything a witness knows about a topic. NITA and the Colorado Office of the Attorney General collaborated to teach its attorneys how to effectively take and defend depositions. The strategic advantage in trials comes from knowing all the facts and having a plan on how to use those facts persuasively.”

Swett led the NITA faculty team including: Joel Hayes, Lisa Hogan, and District Court Judge Elizabeth Weishaupl. According to one attendee, “The NITA staff were really helpful and overall I found their critiques valuable. I thought the one-day program was really great.”

Likewise, Swett stated, “It was a pleasure to bring a group of experienced trial attorneys together to provide a customized program that met the needs of the Colorado Attorney General’s Office as it appears in a full spectrum of legal areas that require highly skilled advocacy and thorough discovery to be prepared for any issue.”


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