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Colorado County Attorneys – NITA Public Service Program

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NITA had the opportunity this year to partner with the Colorado County Attorneys for a public service program. The program took place June 7 – 8 in Grand Junction, CO as part of the Colorado County Attorney’s Annual Conference. Over 40 Colorado County attorneys were in attendance for the trial skills program led by NITA Program Director Tom Swett who had great things to say about the program.

“With a great team of experienced NITA volunteer-faculty, we provided focused trial skills training to Colorado county attorneys who often don’t have the resources or time to get skills coaching on how to be better advocates to protect children in dependency and neglect cases. The catch – we only had eight hours to teach and practice case analysis, direct and cross-examination, impeachment, and exhibits. The NITA training was offered as part of the Colorado County Attorney’s Association annual meeting so we only had a day’s worth of time to do what normally is taught in three days. So, instead of 45-minute lectures, we have mini-lectures and demonstrations (5 minutes at the beginning of each session) and used the majority of our time to have the attorneys practice these skills and receive individual feedback from F. Stephen Collins, Judge Robert McGahey, John Watson, Judge D. Brett Woods, and myself. With tight schedules and budgets, it takes extra creativity and dedicated volunteers to make this work. Luckily, since NITA’s start in 1971, it has had 47 years to nurture the collegiality and relationships so that attorneys jump at the chance to volunteer their time and talent to help continue this tradition for the next generation of attorneys,” stated Swett.

Likewise, Assistant County Attorney Rebecca Wiggins, who first reached out to NITA for this program opportunity, said that each faculty member was great and the program received very positive feedback.

One attendee stated, “The learning-by-doing method was outstanding, and the faculty did a good job of pointing out various areas of improvement with each student so everyone could benefit.”

NITA will be doing a follow-up program this fall with the Colorado County Attorneys and we hope to continue this great partnership for the future. Thanks again to NITA’s outstanding faculty members!

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