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Training the Lawyer to Represent the Whole Family – NITA Public Service Program

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NITA had the wonderful opportunity to partner once again with Hofstra University Law Clinic for a public service program, “Training the Lawyer to Represent the Whole Family.” This program took place June 4 – 8 and was offered at a highly reduced rate to attorneys who work primarily in the areas of child protection, custody, or juvenile justice. The program was led by NITA Program Director Theo Liebmann for the 11th year in a row.

As the program director, Theo stated, “One of the best parts of this program is being a part of such an inspiring group of practitioners. Both the faculty and the participants do more than improve crucial skills – including trial techniques and child interviewing – they remind each other of how vital family advocacy work is, and how it deserves to be approached with at least as much intensity, passion and diligence as any other field of law.”

Furthermore, the program aimed to develop the skills necessary to be competent and skillful attorneys for families and children involved in these proceedings. Participants worked with a faculty made up of nationally recognized experts in family and children’s legal issues while covering topics such as: opening statements, closing arguments, direct and cross examinations of fact, expert and child witnesses, impeachment, interviewing skills, and much more!

At the conclusion of the training, one participant stated, “NITA was a wonderful training, I feel like it helped remind me of the fundamentals and I emerged a more confident litigator.”

Likewise, another participant stated, “By far this has been the best CLE program I have taken in my six years of practice. I am confident that my litigation skills have improved as a result of the 5 days I spent in the program, and I believe my clients will be better represented in court as a result.”

NITA continues to be grateful for our ongoing partnership with Hofstra University Law Clinic and for the opportunity to continue training family law advocates.

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