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Trustees for Alaska – NITA Public Service Program

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Continuing to expand NITA’s public service reach – we headed off to Anchorage, AK for an appellate advocacy public service program with Trustees for Alaska, a nonprofit public interest environmental law firm. The program took place March 8 – 9 and was led by NITA Program Director, Chief Judge Nancy Vaidik, who has served as program director for many of NITA’s programs over the past 15 years.

Chief Judge Vaidik stated that the program was an amazing experience and that each participant, regardless of their experience, improved. “We were in pristine Alaska, surrounded by attorneys who wanted to keep it that way, and who were extremely motivated to improve their oral advocacy skills.”

Furthermore, the program was designed to help the attendees address several core competencies involved in oral advocacy. This process included a communications training, planning the argument, arguing the argument in front of a panel, and video review in order to receive feedback on the effectiveness of the argument.

At the conclusion of the program, one attendee stated, “This was the best training I have had as a lawyer! The training was tailored to what we needed and the execution was excellent. Thank you!”

Likewise, another attendee stated, “It was an excellent course, very informative and hands-on, just what we needed and asked for.”


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