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NITA Remembers Faculty Jim McElhaney

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James “Jim” W. McElhaney, Professor at SMU and Case Western and NITA Faculty member in our early days, passed away in New Mexico, late October. Jim taught with NITA from the beginning and is remembered and loved by many who taught alongside him. NITA Faculty Robin Weaver stated that Jim is a part of NITA history, and many agree.

According to NITA Faculty Tom Geraghty, Jim was a stalwart NITA teacher in the early days. In the early 2000’s Jim struck out on his own and began writing, lecturing, and consulting. However, his early years at NITA made a big impact on many.

NITA Faculty Jamie Carey stated, “I met Jim at the Midwest Regional program in the early 1970’s, where I was a faculty member and Tom [Geraghty] was program director. Jim gave lectures on evidence, essentially following in Irving Younger’s footsteps… Jim who was already at the time famous for his witty, erudite articles on trial advocacy in the ABA Journal, was a worthy peer of Younger’s. He had the gift of all great teachers: to simplify, to interweave apt anecdote, and infuse the dry stuff with humor.”

Likewise, NITA Faculty Patricia Bobb fondly remembers teaching with Jim. “To say that Jim was a stalwart of NITA is an understatement. Jim was one of the core members of the NITA family and gave his heart and soul to the organization for many years as one of its’ most talented and passionate teachers. He leaves a legacy of having made thousands of trial lawyers the better for his commitment to excellence in trial advocacy. He will be missed by all.”

Similarly, NITA Faculty Judge Ann Williams stated that Jim was a magnificent teacher and an even better mentor. “Funny, creative, witty and knowledgeable are four words that describe him. His lectures were spellbinding and the articles he penned during his many years as editor of chief of the ABA Litigation magazines were legendary. I was his Assistant Team Leader for at least four regional and national programs and had the extraordinary opportunity to see him interact with participants and faculty. He was thoughtful and kind and knew how to bring out the best in people. An added plus and key part of Jim was his love of music. He was a great piano player and we all loved singing with him. He often brought to NITA sessions his double bell euphonium! I am the teacher I am today because of Jim.”

So many of NITA’s longtime faculty members felt their lives impacted by Jim’s gift as a teacher, writer, and speaker. We are so thankful to have had Jim as an integral part of NITA. Please click here to read the memorial page.

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