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Office of the Public Defender Lagos State Ministry of Justice/NITA Public Service Program

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The National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA) and the Office of the Public Defender Lagos State Ministry of Justice worked together for the second year in a row on a public service program which trained approximately 70 attorneys on skills such as: direct and cross examination and use of experts. Judge Ann Williams served as Program Director – both in 2016 and again in 2017. Judge Williams worked with Yetunde Ajayi at the Office the Public Defender, in order to put together a 5-day program to meet the needs of the attorneys.

As a result, many of the participants felt their skills greatly improved by the end of the program. One attendee stated, “The course was illuminating and enlightening. I have gained a better understanding of the rudiments of examination and I am truly grateful to all the faculty members for this training.”

Similarly, another attendee stated, “The course was very effective, especially the relevance of the materials. The faculty was very knowledgeable and their teaching techniques were superb.”

Not only did the attendees who participated in the program have great things to say at its conclusion, but Yetunde also stated the program was fantastic once again this year. “It packed so much information and my colleagues and I learned so much in preparation for forensics being introduced into our criminal justice system with the opening of our new DNA & Forensic Center. The faculty was wonderful and we are so grateful to all the members who have offered up their time and NITA for providing the funds to make the program possible. Thank you very much.”


Furthermore, NITA Faculty J.C. Lore, who taught at this program, spoke with NITA’s Senior Legal Editor, Marsi Buckmelter, about his experience. To read the full article click here.

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