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NACA/NITA Public Service Program

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On November 15th NITA and the National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) teamed up for a public service program in Washington, DC which trained 26 attorneys on deposition skills. NACA is a nationwide organization with more than 1,500 attorneys who represent consumers victimized by fraudulent and abusive business practices. NITA Program Director Mark Drummond, who has been a faculty member with NITA on over 100 programs, worked with Manager of Education for NACA, Rebecca Smolar, to put together a training program that would fit the needs of the attorneys.

At the conclusion of the program, Rebecca Smolar stated, “It was a pleasure working with NITA to host the deposition training for legal service attorneys. Most of the attorneys present had been trained by NITA before, but very few had given a deposition before. Upon leaving the program, most of the participants felt they had gained a new methodology for doing depositions and they understood how valuable depositions are to achieving successful outcomes for their cases. We could not have been more pleased with the results.”

Likewise, many of the attendees enjoyed experiencing the NITA method and especially felt the Funnel Technique helped in their questioning. One attendee stated their biggest takeaway from the program was, “Listen so you can funnel down the response, instead of trying to take notes of answers.” Similarly, another attendee stated the Funnel Technique helped them to make a conscious effort not to narrow questioning too quickly.

Furthermore, at the conclusion of the one-day program, one attendee stated, “I put in time with the materials in advance of the training, and I was rewarded with a rich training experience. I am so grateful that NITA offered this steeply discounted training to LSC grantees and I will make great use of the techniques offered in my practice.”

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