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Equal Justice Works/NITA Public Service Program

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October 29-30, NITA and Equal Justice Works (EJW) joined together for a public service program held in Arlington, VA – one day after the Equal Justice Works Conference. NITA and EJW have worked together for several years – this year alone training over 30 EJW Fellows. NITA Program Director Marcia Levy, who has staffed over 100 NITA programs over the years, led the trial skills training, working with a team of NITA faculty and EJW Events & Special Projects Manager, Anita Adams.

The two-day training consisted of skills such as opening and closing statements and direct and cross examinations. After the training concluded, Marcia stated, “It was an incredibly rewarding experience to have gathered together a most dedicated team of NITA faculty, who volunteered their time to provide trial advocacy training to the Equal Justice Works Fellows. The Fellows are smart, passionate and fired up to represent the most underrepresented clients, and it was thrilling to be able to work with them to increase their skills, thereby supporting their impactful work.”

Furthermore, the attendees of this program felt as though their trial skills were greatly improved. One participant stated, “This was extremely helpful, and the instructors were all excellent in the direction and guidance they gave. I really appreciated this great learning opportunity.”

Another attendee stated, “The NITA training course was fantastic – it met me right where I was and provided concrete tips to improve. It also let me get out jitters about performing in the legal arena. Additionally, all of the teachers were helpful and incredibly entertaining. I highly recommend this program and am grateful I got to participate.”

As with all NITA programs, the participants were given the chance to practice each skill over the course of the training and receive immediate feedback from the faculty. Many of the participants agreed that this approach was very helpful and that the faculty were extremely knowledgeable. NITA is grateful to have been able to work with EJW once again on a public service program and hopes to continue training efforts together for many years to come.

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