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NITA Faculty Facilitate International Training Session at Nova

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written by NITA guest blogger Mike Dale

The Nova Southeastern University College of Law recently held its second annual Faculty Training Workshop as part of the law school-sponsored International Consortium for Global Legal Education. Four NITA faculty members presented a one-day training on the “NITA critique” as a method of teaching in the “learning-by-doing” context. Law school professors from Europe, the Caribbean, and Central and South America were in attendance. Nova law school faculty Jayme Cassidy, Michael Dale, and Kate Webber-Nunez and Florida lawyer Jim Zloch spent the day instructing on the NITA teaching methodology so that the professors from other countries might use the technique upon their return to their law schools. All four of the NITA faculty had themselves gone through NITA’s teacher training program. The participant international law school professors observed six Nova law students conducting direct and cross-examination using the Nita Liquor Commission v. Cut-Rate Liquor and Jones case file, then practiced critiquing the law students, and then were critiqued themselves by the four NITA faculty members.

Mike Dale is a frequent contributor to The Legal Advocate, directing the research and writing activities of his student assistants throughout the academic year at Nova. Learn more about Mike here.

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