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Association of Prosecuting Attorneys NITA Public Service Program

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Attendees of the APA Atlanta Trial Skills program

This year, NITA joined forces with The Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (APA) on three public service programs. These programs took place throughout the country in Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Spokane. Two of the three programs focused on enhancing trial skills for the prosecutors, while the third program focused on supervisory skills. Across all three programs, 79 prosecutors received training in the NITA method.

President of the APA, David LaBahn and Deputy General Counsel of the APA, Marlene Botros were integral in working with NITA faculty to put the programs together. “Our partnership with NITA has been an invaluable tool for prosecutors across the country,” said Mr. LaBahn. “It was a tremendous opportunity for all to both network and learn from other professionals from around the United States. These public service programs were extremely beneficial, and we look forward to continuing this successful alliance for years to come.”

Likewise, Attorney James Gailey who served as Program Director for the trial skills program in Atlanta stated, “The NITA public service trial program for prosecutors who handle domestic violence cases was a pure example of the importance of this type of training for lawyers involved in very important work but who might not have the resources to avail themselves of it. The prosecutors that we worked with were highly motivated and prepared and it was very gratifying to see their skills improve in a short period of time.”

Not only did Gailey understand the importance of the programs and how motivated the prosecutors were, but Professor at UALR School of Law, Michael Johnson, who served as faculty at the Spokane program, also recognized the dedication of the prosecutors. “The prosecutors who attended this program were very engaged and dedicated. They face a daunting task in the prosecution of domestic violence cases and the unique issues frequently encountered in trial. It was very rewarding to work with them and along with the APA attorneys that participated as faculty,” said Johnson.

Along with the positive feedback from the APA and NITA faculty, the prosecutors who attended the programs also shared their experiences. One attendee of the Atlanta trial program said, “The training was one of the most helpful I’ve been to… I really feel like I learned a lot and because I was able to practice and get feedback, the learning really stuck.”

With the success of all three programs this year, NITA hopes to continue our efforts to train prosecutors as part of our public service mission.

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