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studio71 Webcasts Break Viewing Records in 2017

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In 2017, we’ve experienced record-breaking views in studio71, NITA’s online venue for free video content. Twice this year, we’ve hit 700+ registrants for a webcast, with nearly 50 percent tuning into the live broadcast.

It started in January, when current NextGen faculty Moe Spencer shared how to present a killer opening statement. Faculty (and tax whiz) Karen Hester followed in February, with a webcast on barriers and bias in the workplace. And last week, Judge Chris Whitten and Erin Nelson brought the house down with their discussion of views on expert witnesses from the bench and the stand.

If you missed these informative hour-long talks when they aired, don’t fret. They live on in perpetuity on our website, and are available for your viewing whenever you have the time. They’re not just free and available 24/7, but they also impart tips and tricks that you can take away and apply to your practice immediately, which makes them time well spent.

Click the links above to tune in—and while you’re at it, why not register for April’s free webcast? Communications expert Richard Levick will be talking about how to handle media during a crisis.

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