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December 2016 Executive Director’s Letter: Celebrating NITA At Year’s End

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Lockwood_KarenTogether, we have done amazing things. NITA continues to grow in influence, creativity, engagement with trial lawyers and advocates across the generations, and faculty excellence.

In this Holiday Season, my message is one of joy and thanks. Read both parts of this letter. First, the bullets of thanks. Second, the arrows for action.

First, my personal reflections in this season:

  • Thanks for all the faculty, authors, studio71 stars, and clients both individuals and custom groups. Thanks to all of you across the nation who are more connected and active than ever.
  • Joy for all the program directors, team leaders, and assistant team leaders who step up to leading programs and written content with their individual stamp of quality, true to what NITA is known for. We collectively rock!
  • Anticipation for the creative teams that are building to start 2017 with searingly relevant and effective new content in publications, programs, webcasts, articles and blogs.
  • Excitement for the creativity and progress that will mark 2017. We will organize a whole new collaborative focus on NITA–quality content of all types.

So, you have ideas, I know you. Call me! 303-953-6801 /

Second, the engine that unifies all of these efforts:

We are the NITA Network. Not an association, no members, no formal applications with criteria. Rather, an enthused network of individual lawyers who are jazzed by the vision of future courtrooms, where all lawyers at the bar (or in any forum) perform advocacy effectively, efficiently, and ethically.

How do we succeed in keeping this network success going today in our 45th year, and forward through the next 45?

Our Staff!! You will read about them in my first few posts of 2017. You know that our NITA Network hits its mark because we the lawyers are good. And we are prepared. Who prepares and assures that we look good? Well, we hit our marks, build our programs, and sustain our energy thanks to our staff. They are thrilled with NITA’s mission. They are overjoyed when they connect with each of you. And they rejoice in each victory of a good program well-planned and beautifully taught. In a well-planned publication or studio performance, beautifully presented and timely. In the union of donors who energize our public service mission.

We don’t thank them enough – we can’t! I myself can’t do it enough either, and I reside here with many of them.

So please do two things for me, starting early and throughout 2017:

→ Thank every staff member at every contact moment you have, personally and as a colleague.
→ Read about each of our staff members in my next few posts beginning January 19. I will introduce to each staff member as a person, and each NITA department. You will learn how they accomplish the magic together. Hint – it is teaming with you.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! I extend my wishes to each of you for a reverent and joyful Holiday of your own following. Thank you to all of you, our individual and diverse friends.




Karen M. Lockwood, Esq.
President and Executive Director
National Institute for Trial Advocacy

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