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Gary Gildin, NITA Author and Faculty, on the Changing Law School Landscape

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gildin_garyAs acting dean of the Dickinson School of Law at Penn State, Gary Gildin is well positioned to the identify the reciprocal changes law schools and the legal market have endured over the past decade, and how law schools are responding to the new demands of the marketplace. You may know Dean Gildin through his two NITA texts, Trial Advocacy Basics, Second Edition (with Molly Townes O’Brien), and the Stucky v. Conlee, Parsell, and the City of Nita case file (look for the new Second Edition later this fall), or perhaps you’ve taught alongside him at a Trial Skills or Depositions program NITA runs each year with the ACLU.

He shared his insights in a recent interview with the Oklahoma Legal Group Blog. Of note to NITA and all things “learning by doing”:

“Due to the demands of the modern legal marketplace, there now is a greater expectation from employers (and their clients) that students will arrive at the workplace ‘profession ready.’ This requires law students in the space of three years not only to learn analysis, fundamental substantive doctrine, and legal research and writing, but also to acquire practical skills of lawyering as well as array extra-legal competencies necessary to be of immediate value to their enterprise. Of course, this poses an equal challenge to law schools to provide competent instruction in these added skill sets.”

Along those lines, Dean Gildin mentions the new ABA Standards and Rules of Procedure for Approval of Law Schools that now requires law schools to incorporate six credits of experiential learning into their degree requirements—which NITA can help law schools fulfill with our new, one-credit, “add-on” module in NITA-style experiential learning, available beginning Fall 2017 semester.

It’s a pleasure to have Dean Gildin as part of our NITA family.

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