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Requests for Public Service Applications

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Part of NITA’s mission is to provide high quality training to all attorneys so they become effective and ethical advocates. Notice the emphasis on “all” attorneys. NITA training isn’t just for Big Law, and it isn’t just for rainmakers. We are dedicated to working with public service attorney groups to provide them with the same training that takes place in our public and custom programs.

We realize it’s unlikely that most public service organization can fully fund this type of training, so we’ve developed a reduced pricing structure that’s flexible enough to meet the budgetary needs of your office. The majority of these programs are Trial Skills or Deposition Skills—but again, we can be flexible to better meet your training needs. To qualify for this type of training under the reduced fee structure, your organization must meet the following public interest programming criteria:

  1. Attorneys or advocates who serve indigent or disadvantaged populations, including, but not limited to, child advocacy, death penalty defense, disability, domestic violence, criminal law areas, immigration, legal services matters, and tribal justice; and
  2. Public agency attorneys working in these areas are eligible automatically.

Agencies and organizations wishing to apply for our reduced fee public service programming must meet the criteria above and provide some level of funding to train their attorneys. We welcome the opportunity to work within an organization’s funding parameters and require a specific agreement that ensures everyone understands their responsibilities for the financial and staffing resources to make for a successful program.

If you’re interested in applying for a public service program for your organization, please complete this application and submit it to We look forward to working with you.

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