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Stein_RobertHow I Learned To Love The Non-Responsive Witness, And You Can Too

Presented by: Robert Stein, The Stein Law Firm, PLLC

What happens when a witness becomes non-responsive to your questions on cross-examination, downright hostile to you, or exhibits an ability to trick the examiner by asking questions of him or her? Most lawyers are filled with panic on the thought of everything “not going according to plan”. Others see this as a golden opportunity to enhance your case and defeat the witness’s credibility. Tools and techniques for enjoying the moment will be discussed, and demonstrated.

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Rise above the rest: Mastering the Top 10 Communication Skills for Lawyers…PART 2

Fine-tuned communication skills separate the good from the great. This webcast gives lawyers the opportunity to hear practical advice on the art of small talking, messaging techniques, extemporaneous preparation, and the vocal deliveries that produce results for lawyers. This is the second part of this communication skills webcast. Part one is available on-demand.

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Family Court Advocacy Problems – and How to Fix Them

Sometimes both lawyers and judges forget that Family Court proceedings are still trials and that the same principles of advocacy, goals of persuasion and rules of evidence apply in Family Court as in any other court. Join our panel of two experienced family court judges and a family court practitioner for a presentation on what problems they see on a regular basis and how to fix those problems or avoid them altogether.

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