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Board Commitment – Public Interest Programming

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NITA remains committed to our annual scholarship program and aims to add abundant public service programming. The NITA Board and NITA Foundation Board members, in their regular 2014 fall meeting, acted with certainty and insight to dedicate additional NITA funding to our public service training work. We are proud to announce their allocation of a percentage of its reserves annually toward pre-budgeted means to plan ways to expand NITA’s public service projects. 

This action represents our Board of Trustees commitment to the NITA public service mission. This is innovation in action. It also is preparation – broadening our public service platform and showing you the strong impact of your individual donations. This work will include NITA-initiated public service training programs, aimed at particular groups of attorneys, or particular client groups who are caught in a tradition of under-representation. In 2015, we have established new partnerships with public interest organizations and have trainings on the calendar along with the reinstatement of two Legal Service programs. 

These are exciting years for NITA, and years that bode well for targeted, wise and expanded advancement of our mission now and into the future. We ask you to join NITA’s effort, supported by our Board of Trustees, to exceed the Board’s leadership gifts and thus expand our reach to public interest organizations to support advocacy on both sides of the courtroom. 

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