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Welcome the Newest NITA Advocates

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NITA is proud to announce the most recent recipients of the Advocate Designation. This designation is awarded to a person who has taken a well-rounded set of courses, proving they are serious about trial advocacy.

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  • Kenneth R. Lund | Thorndal Armstrong Delk et al
  • Charu A Chandrasekhar | US SEC
  • Eric B. Levasseur | Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP
  • Christopher A. Wiech | Troutman Sanders LLP
  • Jonathan K. Waldrop | Kasowitz Benson Torres et al
  • Lance Pool | Steckler LLP




  • Matthew Bradford | Robinson Bradford LLP
  • Eric P Roy | Law Offices of Eric Roy
  • Ivan M. Lopez Ventura | Office of Ivan M Lopez Ventura
  • Glenn E. Stern | Law Office of Glenn E Stern
  • William C. Sias | County Counsel
  • Jonathan K. Waldrop | Kasowitz Benson Torres et al
  • Allister Liao | Law Office of Allister R Liao

If you have any questions on how you can receive the NITA Advocate or NITA Master Advocate Designation, please review the information on our Advocate Designations page, or email Pam Rowinski.

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