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Memorial Drive To Give To the Jim and Beverly Carrigan Scholarship Fund

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Honoring “His Honor,” the late Jim R. Carrigan

The news of Colorado Justice Jim Carrigan’s passing in August of this year made the entire NITA community reflect on our beginnings, our NITA family, our growth, and our maturation.  Jim deserves credit for nurturing NITA through its early history, helping to shape its ethic and core values, and shepherding it into maturity as a nationally revered organization.  His personality and commitment bonded NITA, committing trial lawyers to the mission of improving advocacy among our own.  To name a few of his many gifts to NITA, Jim established a solid vision using his wit and wisdom, helped pioneer the NITA teaching method, and even invited NITA to use his home as the first “office,” making his wife Beverly and their children the “First Family.”

NITA and the Foundation invite you to honor Jim by encouraging new donations to the Jim and Beverly Carrigan Scholarship Fund.  Jim and Bev created the Fund together, and were regular contributors. Your gift will be used by NITA to continue the Carrigans’ goal of funding scholarships for worthy applicants who meet economic means qualifications defined per the Denver, Boulder or equivalent areas, and who otherwise would be unable to attend NITA programs, with preference to public service attorneys.

Jim’s presence is still keenly felt at NITA.  Help NITA and his beloved wife Beverly keep Jim’s memory alive by contributing to their fund.

Please click here to make your gift by selecting Jim and Bev Carrigan Scholarship Fund and indicate your gift is in memory of Jim Carrigan in the comment section.

Thank you for your continuing support to NITA, the NITA Foundation, and our mission.

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