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2014 Highlights: NITA’s studio71

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In 2014, NITA’s studio71 put on 15 live webcasts. We did a an overview of our viewing statistics to find the most popular webcast of the year. Here they are:

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Effective Handling & Use of Exhibits at Trial: How to Look Cool & Be Persuasive Using Stuff at Trial

Originally brought to you as a live webcast, this was our #1 presentation in 2014 in terms of a combination of live plus on demand views. Still available on-demand, this webcast will give you the 7 steps of how to handle exhibits. You will learn how to integrate exhibits into your direct examination to support your witness and how to use those paper exhibits effectively once they are in evidence. And you will learn the key questions to ask to use photographs and diagrams and how to use those to support and repeat your witness’s testimony.

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Evidentiary Foundations

Coming in at a very close second in total views, this webcast has the highest number of on-demand views in 2014. Still available on-demand, this hour-long presentation will challenge the processes you utilize to prepare for litigated hearings. In a world of trial notebooks and stipulations, the skills needed to place evidence before a factfinder are slowly fading away. Because you never know when your opponent isn’t just going to say “we stipulate,” you’d better know how to put your evidence before your factfinder.

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Evidentiary Foundations for Social Media Evidence

NITA’s studio71’s third highest webcast in terms of live and on-demand views is Evidentiary Foundations for Social Media Evidence. In this seminar, lawyers will work with witnesses to demonstrate various ways to establish foundations for admission of social media pages into evidence, under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. United States District Judge Paul Grimm, one of the leading judicial thinkers on social media evidence, will issue rulings and comment on the issues raised.

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