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Our New Look!  Our Evidence of Public Service Passion!

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Welcome to our new look in Giving Voice, published by the NITA Foundation.  All dressed up to bring you current news about NITA’s public service mission and the NITA Foundation’s activities, we give you the same clean, clear look-and-feel that you recognize as NITA brand.  We give you instant comment and sharing space below each article directed to our blog so that your ideas, questions, bragging rights, and public service activities are for all to see.  By “giving voice” to you on these pages, we hope that you will inspire your colleagues as well.

Our Passion.  As Executive Director of the Foundation, I want to share other trending events.  The NITA Board and NITA Foundation Board members, in their regular fall meeting, acted with certainty and insight to dedicate additional NITA funding to our public service training work.  This is innovation in action. It also is preparation – broadening our public service platform and showing you the strong impact of your individual donations.  We picture that work to include NITA-initiated public service training programs, aimed at particular groups of attorneys, or particular client groups who are caught in a tradition of under-representation.

Impactful and innovative are the key words.  We will innovate our public service programming in ways that reach audiences we see, but where grant-makers’ goals do not necessarily reach.  We will grow our impact by showing you another way to explore and support with us the work of improving advocacy skills, across the country and in Rule of Law programs internationally.  Your donations will make a large difference.  This is uniquely NITA.

Thank you for being part of our donor family.  Whether you are a program participant, faculty member, author, past donor, or current donor, we ask you to join our initiative with your donations.  Larger resources make larger differences.  And we have a big difference to make.




Karen M. Lockwood
Executive Director
The NITA Foundation

About Karen M. Lockwood

Karen is the Executive Director at the National Institute for Trial Advocacy. Karen brings the insights and creativity rooted in serving corporate and business clients, first-chairing numerous jury and bench trials, and arguing appeals. Her specialty areas have included construction litigation, large disaster cases, multi-party commercial disputes involving all types of contracts, antitrust, trademark and copyright, and ADR.

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