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Invitation to Write for NITA’s Blog

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NITA’s blog, The Legal Advocate, is a great way to get word out about everything NITA has to offer. Not only does it help generate interest in the programs and publications we offer and  increase NITA’s visibility in online searches like Google, but our blog also provides a service to lawyers looking for expert help in all areas of trial advocacy. In the spirit of continuing to provide this service, we are looking for writers to contribute blog posts in 2015. Interested? Then read on.

  • “From the Judge’s Bench” series. Are you a sitting judge? We’re looking do to a year-long series consisting of one post per month and called “From the Judge’s Bench.” Topics might include a variety of things from what you expect (or don’t expect) from trial attorneys while in court, humorous (or not so humorous) anecdotes from your experience on the bench, or how to write motions and briefs.
  • Topical monthly series. Each month, we post four to five weekly articles on a given subject of value to our readers, ranging from cross-examination to technology in the courtroom—and everything in between. If you think something’s interesting for in-depth investigation, it’s likely our readers will, too.
  • Publication reviews. When we release a new publication, you write a review. Many of our new case files feature social media evidence and feature online “microsites” that are fun to check out. And our tradebooks on advocacy are so well written and interesting that they practically read themselves!
  • Fun, lighthearted, or newsy posts.  These posts could be reviews on the law as portrayed in fiction, movies, or televisions shows, or musings and observations about a current legal event or trial in the news. A post regarding a particular holiday and its effect on the legal industry, for example, would fit into this category. If it’s got a legal slant, we’re interested.

You may write a single blog post or an entire series. You can write something now or wait until later in the year. The timing and topics for a post are endless, and the above are just a handful of suggestions we have. However, we’d love to discuss what you think our readers might enjoy. If writing for The Legal Advocate sounds like an offer you can’t refuse, please contact Kathy Behler, NITA’s online marketing specialist at or 303-953-6832.

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