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Tribute to JoAnn Harris

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harrisJoAnneThe NITA community is saddened about the news of the passing of JoAnn Harris yesterday, October 30, 2014, in New York City.  JoAnn was a beloved friend, talented faculty member and distinguished member of the NITA Board of Trustees for many years.

The NITA family will be reflecting, not only in our gratitude for having had such committed, motivated, and incredible support from JoAnn, but also in how we can take her vision and action forward as well.

Please share with us your personal recollections and thoughts about JoAnn as we share reflections through NITA Notes, in personal conversations, and elsewhere.

In her practice, JoAnn excelled with talent, leadership, and strong resolve to do the right things the right way.  Her service as Assistant Attorney General at DOJ and throughout her career as a trial lawyer accentuated her keen eye for service to the public interest in justice.

JoAnn has long stood as one of the major proponents of ways for NITA to reach lawyers who advocate for under-represented populations. She was instrumental in our Tribal Program work, for example, and in communications with tribal leaders in underserved areas.

NITA will share a longer piece about her unforgettable legacy.  NITA wants to share your thoughts as part of the collective voices of many who knew and admired JoAnn.

About Karen M. Lockwood

Karen is the Executive Director at the National Institute for Trial Advocacy. Karen brings the insights and creativity rooted in serving corporate and business clients, first-chairing numerous jury and bench trials, and arguing appeals. Her specialty areas have included construction litigation, large disaster cases, multi-party commercial disputes involving all types of contracts, antitrust, trademark and copyright, and ADR.

3 thoughts on “Tribute to JoAnn Harris
  • Jo Ann was one of our best NITA teachers, and a great American. I’m so proud to have known her, and I made sure I was the sharpest I could be when serving on a faculty with her.

    Thanks for remembering her here, Karen!


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