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NITA Honors DC Faculty Member Daniel Grove

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groveDanielDaniel Grove, a NITA faculty member and prominent Washington, D.C. trial attorney, died on July 15, 2015 in Florida.  Daniel loved to teach the law and mentor young lawyers. He was an Adjunct Professor of law at Georgetown; taught at his alma mater, University of Virginia; and was the co-founder and Team Leader of the DC NITA Trial Advocacy Program at the Georgetown University Law Center for over 25 years, something that gave him great joy and earned the respect and affection of many. The program was founded in NITA’s early years and is one of the oldest continuous trial advocacy programs in the country. Daniel Groove, alongside other NITA faculty members such as Lester Urban, Lou Natale, and Dan Toomey ran the program over the years and evolved, not only the core NITA method in their work, but a large and loyal faculty, a unique way of working together and as some might say a “tribe” of sorts. That tribe of NITA trial lawyers’, for which Daniel Grove was a part, had a free penchant for arguing and teasing, for quick funny references, for repartee, and for being ones’ self when with friends. They helped found and grow the NITA spirit. We honor Dan’s vast contributions as a teacher, lawyer, mentor, and wit over the years.

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  • Thank you, Karen for your kind words. I am both grateful and, at the same time, humbled to be named this year’s recipient of the Robert Oliphant Award by NITA. Gratified because of the recognition from an institution I hold so dear and one that has been so much a part of my professional life for the last 38 years. Humbled to be named a recipient of an award named after one of the giants of NITA, Bob Oliphant, and to be included with so many other giants of NITA.

    While I have been involved in many activities for NITA, make no mistake, NITA has given me far more that I have returned. The life-long friendships I have made, the good times I have had and, no less important, the education I have received from participating in these programs has made me an enormously better trial lawyer. It is a debt that I will never be able to pay back.

    I am also especially grateful to NITA for especially honoring Dan Grove at this time as well, my friend of 48 years and godfather of my son, Christopher, who died at age 74 on July 15, 2014. Dan was the person who asked me to join Lou Natali and him in inaugurating the Georgetown/NITA Program in 1978, where we were co-Team Leaders for 25 years. His contributions to NITA far exceeded my own.
    My congratulations go as well to Ben, Jim and Liz, my co-recipients who, present company excepted, were extremely worthy awardees. I would ask Karen to please express my gratitude to the committee for this wonderful award.
    Finally, I wish to express my gratitude to Lou Natali, who first got me involved in NITA 38 years ago, inviting me to be on his faculty at the NITA National at Boulder, Colorado, 38 years ago this summer, and who has been my mentor and friend since we met at Georgetown Law, 50 years ago this September. Thanks, Lou.

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