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NITA’s National Session Will Be Here Before You Know It

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The National Session is only a few months away.  This is the program that started it all.  For those of you who have attended or taught at National in the past (or both) you know what a life-changing experience this program is.  This year the nine-day program will be co-directed by Ben Rubinowitz and Hon. Nancy Vaidik.  Together they are assembling a star-studded faculty from across the country featuring not only premier practitioners, judges, and law professors, but also some of the nation’s foremost legal communication skills and focus group experts.

This year the program will feature dedicated drill rooms, motions practice, focus groups, and jury selection.  That of course is in addition to the various other learning-by-doing workshops that have always been a part of the National Session: opening/closing, direct and cross-examination of fact and expert witnesses, impeachment, and more.

“Not everyone gets to trial all of the time anymore.  But unless you know you can go to trial, you can’t really successfully take a deposition, or negotiate, or argue a motion,” said NITA’s Terre Rushton, who attended the National Session in 1981 and has taught at the program multiple times. “You have to have the confidence, and your opponent has to know you have the confidence, to go all the way. When you come to the National you learn how to do it all.”

For a complete description of the program and to register click here.NITA Nationals 2012 -¬Tobin Voggesser_-1 NITA Nationals 2012 -¬Tobin Voggesser_-8

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