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Nita City Housing Authority v. Johnson

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20130307102612204Nita City Housing Authority v. Johnson, Second Edition is now available. Written by Mark Caldwell, NITA’s Director of Resources for Public Programs, this case file examines, among other issues, an important question: when is graffiti considered gang activity, and when is it considered art?

Nita City Housing Authority v. Johnson is a wrongful eviction case, filed in response to Ladonna Johnson’s refusal to follow eviction instructions. Nita City Housing has evicted Ladonna, her two grandchildren, and her great-grandchild from their apartment at the public housing complex Nita Gardens.  Nita City Housing Authority claims that Ms. Johnson’s grandson, Elroy, is involved with a local gang and is putting the other complex residents at risk by hanging out with gang members on the property and writing graffiti in the neighborhood. Elroy insists he is not involved with gangs and that he only tags as an art form.

Ms. Johnson is disputing the eviction notice, and believes that it is being served in response to her recent protests. She had formed a Tenant Action Committee and staged public protests in and around the complex when the building management refused to install a complex-wide fire sprinkler system. Ms. Johnson contends her rights to peaceful protest were challenged, and she is being evicted because of the protests.

Nita City Housing Authority v. Johnson is a modern and relevant case file that considers issues taking place throughout major cities. Graffiti is becoming increasingly recognized as a valid art form, not solely a gang-related activity, and charges involving graffiti will have to start accounting for this shift in perspective. The case file also examines classic issues around eviction rights and rights to peaceful protest. Students, practitioners, and professors will find this case file engaging and challenging.

The case file includes a CD with full-color exhibit slides as well as a sample PowerPoint presentation of the exhibits.

ISBN: 9781601562142 ∙ Pages: 114 ∙ Retail Price: $35.00

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