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Top 10 Gifts for Attorneys

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In light of the holiday season, here at NITA Central we decided to help people think of gifts to get that special attorney in their life. Although we can’t give the attorney in our lives what they might really want–billable hours, adjournment, a stipulation to continue, justice, a guilty or not guilty verdict, or just some peace and quiet–we can give them gifts to brighten their day. Here’s the list we came up with:

#10. A Star – Okay, so maybe you can’t wrap it and give to your favorite attorney directly, but still, having a star named after you is pretty cool!

#9. Leather Portfolio – Everyone needs one even if they say they don’t!

#8. Crystal Paper Weights – Spiff up your favorite attorney’s desk with a new paper weight.

#7. Cooking Classes – You are what you eat, so you might as well know how to create some good plates of food.

#6. Gift Certificate for a Massage – Being a lawyer can be stressful, and there’s no better way to relax and reinvigorate then with a good massage!

#5. iPad Stylus – Does your favorite attorney collect gadgets  We bet they don’t have a Stylus, and we also bet that, secretly, they really want one.

#4. iPad Mini – It’s the latest and greatest Apple product, so it must be a good gift.

#3.  Tickets to his/her favorite sports team – It’s easy for attorneys to get lost in their work and forget to do something fun every now and then. What better way to take in a night of entertainment than a good old sporting event?

#2. NITA Program Tuition – Nothing says “I love you” like the gift of a NITA program!

#1. A donation to a charity in their name – If your favorite attorney truly already has everything, or is just one of those people that is impossible to shop for, then a charitable donation in there name is a priceless gesture of gratitude.

Hopefully these suggestions help you in your endless search, and we wish you good luck and happy holidays!

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