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Hootsuite Goes g+

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If you or your firm were an early adopter of Google’s social media platform Google Plus (g+ or Google+), then you most likely felt the pain of how seemingly disconnected the site was from the rest of the internet. With so few users, it was challenging to see the importance of the social platform. Additionally, Google didn’t allow any third party integration with g+ which meant that it was even more difficult and time-consuming to publish content onto g+.

Then Google decide to update it’s social platform to incorporate the ability to make search results more personal and social (Search, plus Your World). This made g+ accounts more valuable by making it easier to connect with people and post content. But g+ still hadn’t integrated with any third parties.

Until, finally, in late July, Hootsuite announced that it had integrated with Google+ pages. The Hootsuite integration has been extremely valuable. Users can now more easily and more efficiently produce and manage content for Google+, and are able to manage all of their online communities in a single location.

If you have been waiting to start up your Google+ account until it could be integrated with your other social platforms, now might be the time. Or, if you’ve been looking for a better way to manage your social platforms, it might be time to look into Hootsuite.

If you are interested in more information you can checkout the Hootsuite & Google+ sneak peak video from Hootsuite.

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