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New Email Check List from Litmus

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While technology and online trend continuously advance and change, there is one trend that has remained relatively stable since its invention: email. For marketing efforts email continues to be the leading method of effective outreach. By now, most firms have incorporated a reoccurring email newsletter into their marketing plans, but they all face a similar challenge: making that email look good. There are so many email clients out there that all render emails their own way that developing your newsletter can become laborious. Luckily, there are some excellent tools out there to help with this process.

Litmus, one of the industry’s leading email rendering web services (and our personal favorite), recently developed a new free tool that anyone can use called the “Email Checklist“.

This easy-to-use tool allows you to copy and paste your HTML into a code box, where it is then analyzed. Litmus scans the HTML to see if you’ve missed anything from what they call the “Best Practices” list, which includes these 7 elements:

  1. Web Version
  2. Link Paths
  3. Image Height and Width Specification
  4. Image Paths
  5. Image Alt Attributes
  6. Preview Text
  7. Title

Once the analysis is completed, the results page gives you a template to work from with information on issues you may need to fix or address. This is something that we have already incorporated into our workflow for creating emails and we highly recommend it to our partners in the industry.

You can read more about the tool on the Litmus Blog.

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