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Kay Dragon’s Break-a-Thon for Blue Sky Bridge

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In March our Senior Director of Finance, Kay Dragon, earned her conditional black belt in Karate. One of the things she had to do in order to achieve this honor was a community service project, and a Board Break-A-Thon was Kay’s service project of choice.

The Board Break-a-Thon was on Wednesday, March 14th at Success Martial Arts, and aimed to help ‘Break the Cycle of Child Abuse.’ The board-breaking took place from 6:15-7:30pm. Proceeds went to Blue Sky Bridge, a local non-profit child and family advocacy program that provides forensic interviews for child victims and crisis support for their non-offending family members.

Kay invited the NITA Family to join in the board breaking and fundraising for this wonderful organization. We received an email explaining the event:

  1. You can come and break boards! If you have never broken a board, we will teach you how. Don’t worry; it’s not hard at all and quite cool to hear that crack.
  2. Every $5 in donations earns you a board. The more you donate, the more boards you get to break!
  3. You can sponsor me toward my goal. Our team goal is to raise $3,500. My personal goal is to raise $350.

There are two ways to donate: Write a check to ‘Blue Sky Bridge’ (or donate cash), or donate directly on their web page ( – please be sure to put SMA and my name in the comments section).

After the Break-A-Thon it was time for Kay to earn her black belt!

Kay’s team did 10 weeks of intense training together, culminating with this test. The photo below shows Kay and her class at about 1pm Saturday the 10th, after 19 hours of straight testing (Kay confirmed that most of the middle-of-the-night stuff seemed more like a middle school lock–in). Further complicating things for Kay was a fractured toe–she completely broke her big toe just nine days before the event.

One interesting aspect of their little team is that the ages range from 8 to 55; team members include a father-son duo and a team of two nieces and their aunt. There will be more to come on this story as Kay will be testing for her certified black belt September 7-8th.

Minutes after Kay’s class earned their conditional black belts!

In total, Kay’s team raised $3,793 (and counting!). NITA employees contributed $170 to the cause.

If you’d like to learn more about Blue Sky Bridge, please visit their website at, or email the group’s contact, Nia Wassink, at She attended the event and was a real trooper, even breaking a board.

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