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Trav’s Tech Tips – Timehop

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Recently I discovered a new app called Timehop. It’s a service that shows you what you were doing–or more specifically, posting about–a year ago. Think “this day in history”, but the history is your entire social media stream.

For those of us how have been in the social media sphere for awhile, this is a fun way to review our social presence. I, for one, have enjoyed both reviewing and evaluating what I was posting a year ago.

Additionally, this has sparked further thought and discussion on what will become of the mass amount of content being created on social media sites. How will tweets and status updates affect us down the road? Instead of family trees, will we have social media trees? CNN addressed this in January in an article titled “Digital nostalgia: Do tweets age like fine wine?

While that question remains to be answered, one thing is for sure: Timehop is a great app!

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