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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Nita Life: June

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Mt. Evans Hill Climb

NITA’s Associate Director of Operations, Wendy Velez finished the Mt. Evans Ascent on Saturday, June 16th.  The Mt. Evans Ascent is America’s Highest Road Race.  This race has an amazing history dating back to the 1970’s.  Wendy showed her dedication to finishing a tough race during the final mile at 14,000 feet.  Her training paid off and she finished strong.  Great job Wendy!

Boulder Sprint Triathlon

Rachel Gussin, the Publications Assistant at NITA, recently competed in one of Boulder’s most iconic races, the 5430 Sprint Triathlon. The first installment in the Boulder Tri Series, this race takes participants through a .5 mile swim, a 17.2 mile bike ride, and a 3.1 mile run. Seasoned athletes and newcomers alike come out for the event, and this year over 1,100 people participated in the event.

Bike to Work Day

June 27th was Boulder’s Bike to Work Day, and NITA participated in full force. Despite the smoke from some local fires and high temperatures, many NITA staff members were still able to bike in to the office. A celebratory breakfast awaited the hungry riders, as well as those who couldn’t ride but participated in spirit.

Dead Dog Classic Stage Race

Travis Caldwell, the Online Marketing Specialist competed in the Dead Dog Classic Stage Race June 23rd and 24th which is a two-day and 3 stage bike race held in Laramie, WY. The three stages combine for more approximately 120mi of racing and over 7,000 feet of climbing. This years racer’s survived temperatures pushing 100 degree’s and winds up to 35mph. Despite the conditions and lack of oxygen Travis finished all three stages and was able to help one of his teammate secure a 6th over all placing. Travis also managed to steel the cover shot of the local Laramie Boomerang paper on Saturday. Nice work Travis!

Photo Credit: Andy Carpenean / WyoSports photographer

Bill Elward Named Program Director for Building Trial Skills: Midwest

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Long-time NITA faculty member Bill Elward has been named Program Director for the NITA Building Trial Skills: Midwest Program.  Bill will fill the big shoes of Jamie Carey.   Bill has not only been a “regular” faculty member at the Midwest, but has also taught at NITA programs all over the United States.   Bill combines practicing law with teaching at NITA and at Loyola Chicago School of Law.As to his plans for the program Bill said, “Jamie Carey helped create what is in my opinion the best trial advocacy program in the country.  I plan to continue this great tradition and along with our outstanding faculty, I look forward to teaching the next generation of advocates.   I also plan to identify and prepare the next generation of great NITA trial ad teachers—so that they can carry on this fine tradition exemplified by Jamie Carey.  I am honored to be appointed to this position and look forward to a great program this coming March.”

The 2013 program is scheduled for March 2-9 at Loyola University School of Law

Book Report: Effective Deposition Defense Rules

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This is part of a new Book Report series designed to introduce some of our favorite NITA publications. Some of the books we’ll write about are fresh off the press, while others are tried-and-true NITA favorites. For more book reports and information on our publications, check out our Publications page

Effective Deposition Defense Rules

By David M. Malone

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but you should never judge a book by its size, either. Sometimes the smallest books pack in the most information, and Effective Deposition Defense Rules is no exception. This handy pocketbook is the newest addition to Malone’s Rules Book Series, a series of trial guidebooks intended to provide lawyers and practitioners with easy access to answers and information.

David M. Malone’s Effective Deposition Defense Rules is the ultimate guide to common questions and concerns lawyers face when defending depositions. Chapters cover everything from “Preparing the Deponent” and “Making Objections at the Deposition” to “Issues with Video Depositions,” “Documents at the Deposition,” and “Reviewing and Correcting the Transcript.” New and experienced practitioners maneuvering the pretrial deposition process will appreciate the book’s quick-reference format and logical organization when they need an answer fast.

This is an invaluable reference book to add to your collection, and one you will find yourself turning to for answers time and time again.

About the Author

David M. Malone is widely regarded as one of the most influential trial consultants in America. He is an esteemed trial attorney, author, teacher and consultant, and has been a leader in courtroom communication and mock trial development.

David is also the bestselling author of The Effective Deposition (look for the fourth edition later this summer!)

ISBN: 978-1-60156-173-2 ∙ 134 pages ∙ Retail Price: $35.00

Order Now: at

Trav’s Tech Tips – Timehop

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Recently I discovered a new app called Timehop. It’s a service that shows you what you were doing–or more specifically, posting about–a year ago. Think “this day in history”, but the history is your entire social media stream.

For those of us how have been in the social media sphere for awhile, this is a fun way to review our social presence. I, for one, have enjoyed both reviewing and evaluating what I was posting a year ago.

Additionally, this has sparked further thought and discussion on what will become of the mass amount of content being created on social media sites. How will tweets and status updates affect us down the road? Instead of family trees, will we have social media trees? CNN addressed this in January in an article titled “Digital nostalgia: Do tweets age like fine wine?

While that question remains to be answered, one thing is for sure: Timehop is a great app!

NITA Staff Member Wins Prestigious Prentice Marshall Faculty Award

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WendyVelez_5x7NITA Staff Member Wins Prestigious Prentice Marshall Faculty Award

Vision Brings Recording Studio, Online Content to Boulder Not-For-Profit

Boulder, CO: To recognize her outstanding work developing innovative teaching methods for the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, Wendy Velez has been named the 2011 Hon. Prentice H. Marshall Faculty Award recipient.  Velez, NITA’s Associate Executive Director-Product Operations, is leading the charge in developing new methods to deliver NITA’s learning-by-doing teaching method.

Prior to 2011 the only way for an attorney to be trained at a NITA program was to attend a program in-person.  In April 2011, NITA launched studio71 (named for the organization’s founding year of 1971), thanks to the pioneering work of Velez in capturing skills based lectures and demonstrations in NITA’s recording studio.  Her innovations are helping NITA teachers reach out to participants in new and creative ways, and bringing NITA training to attorneys who may not otherwise have access to it.  NITA’s studio71 currently houses hundreds of recorded products and serves as the portal for live, online training programs.

The Hon. Prentice H. Marshall Faculty Award is for Development of Innovative Teaching Methods. It is named for the late Prentice Marshall, also one of the original teachers at the National Session and a fixture on the NITA faculty, who pioneered the efforts to support pro bono advocacy and teaching at major law firms and by the judiciary. To view a list of past recipients of this prestigious award Click Here.

NITA is the world’s leader in advocacy skills training and publications.  A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization based in Boulder, Colorado, NITA’s mission is to train and mentor lawyers to be competent and ethical advocates in the pursuit of justice.

Daniel McHugh, Director of Sales & Marketing

NITA’s team of practicing lawyers, professors and judges from around the nation dedicates its efforts to the training and development of skilled and ethical legal advocates to improve the adversarial justice system.

NITA’s Goals are to:

  • Promote justice through effective and ethical advocacy.
  • Train and mentor lawyers to be competent and ethical advocates in pursuit of justice.
  • Develop and teach trial advocacy skills to support and promote the effective and fair administration of justice.
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