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Book Report: Reagan v. Jacobson

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This is part of a new Book Report series designed to introduce some of our favorite NITA publications. Some of the books we’ll write about are fresh off the press, while others are tried-and-true NITA favorites. For more book reports and information on our publications, check out our Publications page

Reagan v. Jacobson

Practicum Series Case File/Trial Exercise

By John Sonsteng, Linda Thorstad, and Jennifer Miller 

Late at night, on a dark, narrow street, two cars are involved in a collision, sending both drivers to the hospital. Taking into consideration the late hour, the narrow street, the wet pavement and the lack of parking space, the question becomes “who is at fault or what is to blame?”

On the night of the accident, Chris Reagan left work, crossed the street, opened the door to his car parked along the curb, and got in. When the interior lights failed to come on, Reagan opened the driver’s side door again to let in light. Then, as Reagan reached out to pull the car door shut, the door was struck by a southbound car driven by Jody Jacobson. The collision injured Reagan’s wrist and arm. On impact, Jacobson’s car spun to the right and struck a pole on the curb, resulting in injuries to the kneecap and ligaments in Jacobson’s left knee. Reagan is the plaintiff in this case, claiming Jacobson’s negligence caused the accident and therefore Reagan’s resulting injuries. Jacobson, the defendant, is claiming Reagan opened the car door before Jacobson could come to a stop.

Reagan v. Jacobson is the latest installment in author John Sonsteng’s Practicum Series Advocacy Exercises, a collection of case files based on the materials Sonsteng created for William Mitchell Legal Practicum courses. This case file is intended to develop the user’s advocacy skills, and can be used in arbitration, expert witness, trial, negotiation, mediation, and motions/oral argument advocacy training programs. The file includes expert medical testimonies for both the plaintiff and defendant, and comes with a CD containing the exhibits presented in the case.

ISBN: 978-1-60156-103-9 ∙ 112 pages ∙ Retail Price: $35.00

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Be sure to look for the rest of the Practicum Series case files online, or call us at 1-800-225-6482 for more information.

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