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April 2012 Executive Director’s Letter

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John BakerSpring time here in Nita City is easily identified by an 85 degree day followed by snow only 24 hours later.  Another change you’ll notice here in the early spring is the format of this newsletter.  We redesigned NITA Notes to provide you with all the relevant and useful content you’ve become accustom to, but in a more user-friendly format.

Upon first glance it may seem like the newsletter is much shorter.  You now see a “snippet” of each article instead of the full article. If you’re interested in reading the entire article, it’s one click away.

“The Docket” will remain a part of the newsletter and will continue to outline a few months’ worth of our upcoming public programs.  There will still be a featured program and publication each month, and this new format puts them in a more prominent position.

It has been quite some time since we have changed the look of NITA Notes so I realize it may be quite a shock.  The goal is to bring you, the valued members of the NITA community, more information on what’s going on in and around NITA all the while presenting it in a more useful and aesthetically pleasing format.

The change will also bring with it new content.  Be on the lookout for new features in the coming months, including a “Where Are They Now?” section.

I welcome any comments you have about the new format or any ideas you have for future stories.  Enjoy the spring and the new NITA Notes.




John Baker

NITA Executive Director

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